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Insights into current technologies on drone detection

Current drone detection technologies were presented in a live demonstration on September 9 2021 in Bure, Switzerland. Palindrome RS operated the multistatic C-band radar system SAMURAI together with its own target simulator system, which is capable of generating specific drone trajectories for the radar. More information on this event are given here.

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Wind turbine measurements

In a project funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Federal Office of Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, Palindrome Remote Sensing enhances its radar target simulation capabilities such that realistic radar signatures of wind turbines can be generated.

Wind turbines negatively influence meteorological and air traffic control radars because of the strength of the reflected radar waves and the fact that complex patterns of non-zero Doppler velocities are being induced by the rotating blades.

In a measurement campaign conducted in the vicinity of the Calandawind Turbine in Haldenstein, Switzerland, real and virtual wind turbine signatures were measured with C-band radar.

Wind turbine as seen from the radar location
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Oral presentation at International Radar Symposium

The German Institute of Navigation hosted the International Radar Symposium IRS 2021 where we were given the opportunity to present our work on multistatic detection of drones in combination with the generation of virtual drone trajectories. The symposium program can be found here.

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Radar Simulation of Wind Turbines

Palindrome was recently granted a project, in which wind turbine radar signatures are being simulated with our proprietary target generation technology. The project is funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Federal Office of Energy as well as the Swiss Climate Foundation.

The construction of wind turbines is often inhibited because of their negative influence on meteorological or air traffic control radars. Our technology is supposed to help to minimize the disturbing influence, such that more wind turbine projects can be approved.

Skyguide objects to 23% of all planned wind turbine projects in Switzerland because of concerns with regard to possible radar disturbances caused by the turbine rotors. We aim at reducing the percentage of projects that negatively influence radar systems and therefore help to facilitate additional wind energy on the order of 3GWh per year.

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Newspaper ‘Die Zeit’ features Landquart and Palindrome

“Lucky are the people in Landquart. They have no past and therefore know how to deal with the present”. Read here why Nietzsche realized more than 100 years ago that the lack of tradition opens up spaces for innovation and experiments.

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