Drone detection tests in Landquart

A multistatic drone detection radar system has been set-up close to our office in Landquart, Switzerland. Together with our radar target simulator, the system was thoroughly tested and calibrated. In addition, several flights with a real drone were performed and … Read More

With a specifically developed multistatic C-band target simulator we were testing the drone detection radar SAMURAI in Thun, Switzerland.

Accuracy verification

The Swiss National Institute of Standards METAS developed specific test setups in order to validate our instrument’s accuracy. These tests could be conducted thanks to an Innosuisse collaboration. The short duration of the radar pulses imposed the highest difficulties for … Read More

Radar calibration in Chengdu

Nice way of promoting our technology in China by calibrating three different X-band radars in Chengdu.

Final assembly of our new instrument

During more than one and a half year Palindrome Remote Sensing together with the Swiss University NTB Buchs developed a new dual-polarization X-band target simulator. The newly developed components were assembled for the first time on June 12, 2019 and … Read More

Presenting our new instrument in Geneva

It was a pleasure to share our booth at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Geneva with the Davos Instruments’ representatives.

Promoting the Target Simulator in China

During a one week trip to China, we have visited potential customers in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei and Nanjing

New office

We left the Innozet in Grüsch and moved to Landquart. Our new office is within two minutes walking distance of the Landquart train station

Calibrating EPFL Radar

Before EPFL’s MXPol Radar leaves for another campaign in Antarctica, Palindrome took care of its calibration. Measurements were performed in two stages: first, receiver and transmitter were directly characterized at the radar with a signal analyzer and a signal generator. … Read More

Palindrome featured in the AWT annual report

The office of economy and tourism of the canton of Grisons just published its annual report. Palindrome Remote Sensing is featured on page 19.