Insights into current technologies on drone detection

Current drone detection technologies were presented in a live demonstration on September 9 2021 in Bure, Switzerland. Palindrome RS operated the multistatic C-band radar system SAMURAI together with its own target simulator system, which is capable of generating specific drone … Read More

Wind turbine measurements

In a project funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Federal Office of Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, Palindrome Remote Sensing enhances its radar target simulation capabilities such that realistic radar signatures of wind turbines can be … Read More

Oral presentation at International Radar Symposium

The German Institute of Navigation hosted the International Radar Symposium IRS 2021 where we were given the opportunity to present our work on multistatic detection of drones in combination with the generation of virtual drone trajectories. The symposium program can … Read More

Radar Simulation of Wind Turbines

Palindrome was recently granted a project, in which wind turbine radar signatures are being simulated with our proprietary target generation technology. The project is funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Federal Office of Energy as well as … Read More

Newspaper ‘Die Zeit’ features Landquart and Palindrome

“Lucky are the people in Landquart. They have no past and therefore know how to deal with the present”. Read here why Nietzsche realized more than 100 years ago that the lack of tradition opens up spaces for innovation and … Read More

Documentary about Landquart

Landquart is not especially beautiful, but it is a place of diversity. A TV documentary portrays the multi-faceted town and its inhabitants and we were happy to contribute. The movie can be watched here (in Rumantsch).

Presentation on multistatic radar testing

“Testing a multistatic C-band Radar with a Target Simulator” was the title of our presentation held at the International Radar Symposium in Warsaw, Poland. The conference took place from October 5-8 and covered topics from novelties in automotive to passive … Read More

Weather radar calibration in Austria

Two different weather radars, one in Reichersberg, Upper Austria, and a second one in Vienna were calibrated with Palindrome’s target generation technology.

Article in Meteorological Technology International

An article that covers our weather radar calibration technology appeared in the September issue of Meteorological Technology International. Have a look at the article here.

National Institute of Metrology features Palindrome RS in its annual report

The scientific collaboration between Palindrome Remote Sensing and the Swiss National Institute of Metrology METAS is featured in METAS’ 2019 activity report.