Participation at ERAD 2022

The 11th  European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology will take place from August 29th to September 2nd in Locarno, Switzerland. We are happy to be present at a booth where we will have our instrument on display.

Innosuisse project milestone

Within an Innosuisse project in collaboration with the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Palindrome Remote Sensing develops a new and highly integrated dual-polarization radar target simulator. The project’s first milestone could recently be concluded with the successful comissioning the … Read More

New C-band instrument

The new C-band multistatic target simulator was tested on our roof together with the SAMURAI drone detection radar. With a second target generator, two virtual drone trajectories form different directions were generated in order to thoroughly exploit the detection capabilities … Read More

Climate show on Léman Bleu TV

We had a not too convincing appearance at the 2022 edition of the Catwalk TV Show competition for sustainable innovations on Léman Bleu TV. Nevertheless, we were given the opportunity to briefly talk about our solutions with regard to wind … Read More

Electromagnetic waves and wind turbines

On December 1st / 2nd, the specialist meeting on electromagnetic waves and wind turbines took place as a virtual event due to COVID restrictions. The meeting was jointly organized by Skyguide and the Swiss Military Aviation Authority and brought together … Read More

Presentation at Expert Conference on Weather Radar Calibration

MeteoFrance organized the third expert workshop on weather radar monitoring and calibration in Toulouse. We had the opportunity to share our latest findings on virtual radar signature generation of wind turbines. The recorded presentation can be watched here.

Radar emission spectra

Radars need to comply with certain emission spectrum regulations that are issued by the Federal Office of Communications. Radars are only allowed to transmit in specific frequency bands and the radar operator needs to ensure that energy is radiated only … Read More

Insights into current technologies on drone detection

Current drone detection technologies were presented in a live demonstration on September 9 2021 in Bure, Switzerland. Palindrome RS operated the multistatic C-band radar system SAMURAI together with its own target simulator system, which is capable of generating specific drone … Read More

Wind turbine measurements

In a project funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Federal Office of Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, Palindrome Remote Sensing enhances its radar target simulation capabilities such that realistic radar signatures of wind turbines can be … Read More

Oral presentation at International Radar Symposium

The German Institute of Navigation hosted the International Radar Symposium IRS 2021 where we were given the opportunity to present our work on multistatic detection of drones in combination with the generation of virtual drone trajectories. The symposium program can … Read More