epfl Environmental remote sensing laboratory École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Collaboration in developing and testing of the Palindrome radar target simulator.
logo Innovationszentrum TRUMPF
The Trumpf innovation center fosters innovations by bringing together established companies with start-up ventures.
innovationsstiftung Stiftung für Innovation, Entwicklung und Forschung Graubünden
In its start-up phase, Palindrome Remote Sensing GmbH benefits substantially from financial support that has been granted by the Innovationsstiftung of the Canton of Grisons.

SkyEcho SkyEcho
The dutch start-up company Sky Echo specializes in high-resolution rainfall monitoring by means of local area weather radars.
rmi RMI AG
The RMI Risk Management and Insurance brokers AG supports us in all aspects of business development and project management.